**N95 Mask fitting ** Walk in Session August 16th 4-6pm!

Last person will be accepted no later than 5:45pm
Cost: $25+hst if we provide the N95 respirator, (If the first respirator fails after 2 attempts, each additional respirator is an additional cost of $5.50+hst)

1) Please ensure to have nothing by mouth for 20 minutes prior to arrival. With the exception of water, this includes no smoking, vaping, gum chewing or use of scented lip balm.
2) If possible, have a list of N95 Model numbers that your facility has on hand, so we may try and fit test you with that specific model
3) Bring a bottle of water with you (If forgotten, we have bottles of water for sale $1.25)
4) All men must be clean shaven
5) If you are ill in anyway, please schedule an appointment with us at a later date
6) As per CSA standards, You must ensure that you are medically cleared to be fit tested.
If you have a pre-existing medical conditions ie: lung issues, You should speak with your doctor first.

Models we have on Hand (Limited amount- First come first serve):

3M 1870+

3M 8210

3M 9210+

3M 1860

3M 1860S

3M 8110 S

3M 1804

Makrite Sekura

Call 705-223-0120 or email [email protected] to book an appointment


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