Elevated Work Platform Safety


The Elevated Work Platform is a critical piece of equipment to any business or construction site that needs to move employees to work areas that would normally be too dangerous by other means. Elevated Work Platform, when used properly, are great assets to any company, but can also cause serious injury and/or damage if not used properly. Many lives have been lost by an operator not understanding the basic principles of an Elevated Work Platform. Safe and knowledgeable operators cause fewer accidents.

Duration of course: Full course: 4 hr,

Refresher: 2 hours

Requirements: Valid Working at heights certificate

Cost of course: Full course $225+hst,

Refresher: $175+hst Certificate valid for 3 years

Course Information:

  • Operator Qualifications and Legislated Requirements
  • Safe Operations
  • Hazards- People, Equipment and Environment
  • Maintenance
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Harnesses and Belts
  • Inspection
  • Components
  • Lifeline Anchorage

Course includes:

What is an EWP

When they should be used

OHSA, Standards and Regulations

Duties and Responsibilities of Workplace Parties

Operator training

Fall protection requirements.

Accidents, Hazards

  • Slopes
  • Winds, Load and Distribution
  • Horizontal Force
  • Improper Use
  • Entanglement
  • Overhead Obstacles and Obstructions
  • Electrocution and more



Fueling, Battery Charging

Prior to Operation

Safe Practices

  • 3 points of Contact
  • Continual Observation

Course Materials:

  • Participant Manuals
  • Laminated Wallet certificates
  • Theory Testing: Practical Training available if client has access to their own forklift at time of training date
  • Records of training

Additional Information:



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  • At Algonquin Safety Training facilities
  • On site, at your facility


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